May. 1st, 2011

manicsfan: (DW - Cahntho: Chan WTF Tho!)
Ugh, it's 5:45 on a Sunday morning and I woke up early because of these stupid nightmares I keep having. Therefore, what better thing to do than to type up my review of the 2 Doctor Who episodes of the new series since I missed doing a review last week. So here we go... This'll probably end up making no sense at all because whilst my body is awake I think my brain is still in bed! Plus I was pretty tired watching it yesterday, I really should have watched it again before doing this. Ah well...

This is going to be a very misleading review because whilst I actually loved the episodes, particularly the second one, this review is going to start off with some of the things I am not too thrilled about. I hate to start off a review being all moany, but these things have been building up for the last couple of weeks - and longer actually - and I just need to get them off my chest. Plus it's better to get the miserable stuff out the way first, before the squee!

So, onto the grumpy old woman style review! )

~ Ace.

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