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I got my postal vote for the locals and AV referendum yesterday, and filled it in today, yay! I would have gone in person to vote, but I don't trust my agoraphobia enough at the moment to ensure I'd actually be able to do that on the day, so I figured it was better to be safe than sorry.

Rather unsurprisingly to anyone that knows me I voted Liberal Democrat, even though they've got no chance here, it was more a vote of support than in any actual hope of the Lib Dem candidate winning. And a big OH HELL YES! on the voting reform referendum, which is something I care about more than the local election. Although the polls on that aren't looking great right now either :/

Other things:

I don't really celebrate Easter myself - being neither religious nor a big fan of chocolate, so I'm not really enticed by the religious aspect, or the prospect of getting egg-shaped chocolate, and my family doesn't tend to do anything for Easter anyway - therefore I know this weekend more as NEW DOCTOR WHO WEEKEND! FUCK YEAH! *Ahem* Sorry, my geekiness is showing. Of course it has been dampened by the sad news about Elisabeth Sladen. I wonder if they'll dedicate tomorrow's episode to her?

Thirdly *RANTING ANTI-MONARCHIST ALERT!* I'm rather tempted to take a holiday... to a fucking republic for the next 2 weeks! Because the news coverage here will be non-stop royal wedding bollocks for at least the next fortnight. What's that you say? People are still being massacred in Libya? We don't care about that when we have posh people getting married to look at!

So yeah, I am trying (as impossible as it is) to avoid stuff about the royal-let's-distract-everyone-from-the-econimic-woes-and-spending-cuts-wedding as much as I can. Cynical, moi? I dread the day Kate Middleton announces she is pregnant, we'll have 9 months of media obsession then, not to mention all the stuff afterwards!

And, so as not to end this on a grumpy note, I wish everyone a very happy Easter to those of you who do celebrate it, or a happy anything else you might celebrate in place of Easter tho those that don't. I'm not sure if anyone actually celebrates St George's Day (I didn't even have a clue it was tomorrow until they said so on the radio) but if you do have a great one!

~ Ace.

If I venture into the garden will the KILLER SMOG OF DOOM get me? Hmmm, I'd better equip myself first *grabs inhaler* Wish me luck!
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