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My mum surprised me with a late bithday present yesterday, am I am totally in love with them! I haven't had rodents since my rats Rick and Vyvyan died, but I've been wanting to get some more for a while, I just couldn't decide what. Until my mum surprised me with these guys... er, girls! They are female Russian hamsters who I've named Willow and Tara. Look at the adorable little blighters!

Willow and Tara:

Willow is on the left, she seems to be a bit more skittish than her sibling and I haven't been able to pick her up much yet. Tara is a little tamer, and loves burrowing in the sawdust. She seems quite happy to be held and nibbles on my fingers when I pick her up ♥

They're currently in a small cage to settle in, then I'll be moving them to a bigger one next week (preferably with two or more levels so I can put their food where they wont keep shoveling sawdust into the bowl!).

Willow and Tara:

Willow on her own:

Tara on her own:

Also, my wonderful friend [ profile] dark_prime ( who I love loads, surprised me with another wonderful present. A piece of art he commissioned from of my wereside:

Complete with a little TARDIS and it also comes in a handy icon size to match his FA icon! ♥ Thank you, sweetie! *hugs* *Goes off to change my FA icon*

~ Ace.
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