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I didn't get around to putting down my thoughts for last week's Doctor Who on here, but in a nutshell I was pleasantly surprised with it. As someone who's really not that keen on the soap opera style plot twists and story arc with Melody/River I did actually surprisingly enjoy Let's Kill Hitler, despite it being a continuation of that. It was the only other episode of series 6 so far that I really enjoyed, apart from The Doctor's Wife.

Anyway, onto my thoughts about this week's episode which will contain spoilers, and some copy pasting from what I wrote on the Doctor Who LJ group squee post too! As I say, I've been feeling a bit disillusioned with series 6 so far, having only really properly enjoyed two episodes. Up until now...

To start by copy pasting what I said on the squee post:

I really enjoyed that episode. A good old fashioned Doctor Who scare story with none of the soap opera style plots and twists that have consumed recent stories. It was a great mix of creepy, funny and touching (albeit a bit too corny in some parts for my taste). It was genuinely scary, and I was actually creeped out a fair bit for the first time since Blink. I got goosebumps when Amy got changed into that doll thing.

The only thing that bugged me was that there was no mention of Melody/River. I'm not a huge fan of that continuing story arc, but it seems completely out of character for the Doctor, Rory and especially Amy to just forget about her completely. Is that how it's going to play until the last episode or two? With them seemingly forgetting about Melody/River's entire existence?

Although it's just been explained to me on there that the reason there was no mention of Melody/River was that this episode was supposed to air during the first half of the series, before all the revelations in A Good Man Goes to War and before they even knew about ganger!Amy. Which makes much more sense that way.

So yeah, all in all I liked that episode a lot. More so than even last week's episode. It contained most of what I like in a good Doctor Who episode. I am preparing myself for more Melody/Rover stuff to come though, so I'm not gonna get my hopes too high. I'm starting to think I may be the only one who doesn't like these long, plotty, twisty story acrs!

~ Ace.
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