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OK, so now apparently the vets don't think the reason that Pongo is so sick is to do with his kidneys. In fact they don't seem to be able to say what the problem is. They tried feeding him today, but apparently he just threw it up again. They've taken more blood and will be doing more tests tomorrow, but they're not even sure if that will reveal what's wrong with him.They're going to call again tomorrow and let us know if they've found anything.

Ugh, I'm just emotionally exhausted right now. I feel stuck in limbo waiting to find out stuff. The last resort, the vets said, is that if he still won't eat then they can try feeding him intravenously by putting a tube down his nose and into his stomach. Although they say that that isn't very pleasant, rather understandably, and there's still no guarantee he'll be able to keep it down. But if they can't find out the reason why then there's not much hope. He's currently starving to death because he won't eat, or can't keep down what he does eat, and it's not fair to keep him suffering. If they cant find the cause of it, and the intravenous food tube doesn't work then it looks pretty hopeless.

~ Ace.
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