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I love going to Wales, but hate the car journeys there and back. There are always animal transport trucks on the roads, carrying animals off to their deaths. It breaks my heart to pass them and see the animals inside. I saw two chicken trucks on one huge sheep truck this time. I passed right by the sheep truck as the car overtook it, and my heart clenched as one of the sheep inside looked at me.

Yes, I know I'm going to come off as the "sentimental animal loving hippie" of which vegans are often accused of being, but looking into the eyes of that trusting animal, and being able to see the dozens of other sheep all going off to the same grizzly fate just saddens me so much. Then to see the two chicken trucks, crammed with hundreds of individuals, looking scared and confused (and who could blame them?) it's times like this I wish there was some sort of vegan utopia I could escape to :(

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I have been into animal rights now for nearly 6 years (as long as I've been vegan), and it is a huge part of my life now, very important to me, and a major part of my beliefs. This is a brief list, and summary, of most of the main animal advocacy books (I say advocacy rather than rights, as they are not all rights books) I have read in my few years of being an animal rightist myself. I'll also include on the end the few books I have got recently, but have yet to read, and books I am going to get in the near future.

ETA: I've just started reading "From Dusk 'Till Dawn" by Keith Mann.

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