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I really thought it was about time that I gave a shout out to this fantastic documentary, I have watched this documentary several times since recieving in the post a few days ago. "Behind the Mask" is an amazing documentary about the ALF (Animal Liberation Front), those people who put their own freedom on the line to give others freedom from pain and death. If you care about animals, and do not wish them to suffer, you should watch this film.

Everyone should watch this film in fact, whether you are pro or anti-animal rights, or pro or anti-animal liberation. Often the only exposure regular people get to the ALF is through the press after a liberation has taken place. More often than not the following press report is none too favourable.

This film marks a rare opportunity for the ALF to get their side of the story across. To explain WHY they do what they do, and to dispell many popular myths about them (like they are violent and aim to hurt people). Sadly though "dangerous animal rights terrorists" make good story lines for the press, and so that's what the ALF is portrayed as. It wouldn't quite have the same zing if the headlines were "compassionate individuals save suffering animals from horrible deaths".

It had interviews with some of the most well known ALF members, and founders, people who have gone to jail for helping animals. It has interviews from both UK and US ALF members. Giving us a deep insight into why they've done what they have done, and why they still believe in animal liberation.

"Behing the Mask" shows the truth, but sadly it relies on people actually watching it. It's so easy for the public to read an opinion from the press, see it on TV, on the news, ect, and for people to blindly believe that opinion, and yet so hard for the ALF to get their side across, and to actually get people to see their side of the story.

If you watch this film and then STILL disagree with what the ALF do, then fair enough. But at least give them a fair go, and actually watch this documentary before condeming them outright, and automatically believing what the press and government say. The govenment are designed to protect big businesses, the same businesses that exploit animals and so are targeted by the ALF. So it's not wonder the government are so anti-ALF.

"If we are trespassing, so were the soldiers who broke down the gates of Hitler's death camps; if we are thieves, so were the member of the Underground Railroad who freed the slaves of the south; and if we are vandals, so were hose who destroyed forever the gas chambers of Buchenwald and Auschwitz." - Anonymous ALF member.

So please don't blindly follow the press and government. At least watch this movie and then judge the ALF with unbiasd views.

***WARNING - this movie does contain graphic scenes of animal abuse and death***

Here are the places to buy a copy of the DVD:



If you do watch this movie, and are interested in finding out more, I strongly reccommend getting a copy of Keith Mann's book "From Dusk 'Til Dawn: An Insider's View of the Growth of the Animal Liberation Movement". A fantastic insight into the ALF from a legend of a man who went to jail for his beliefs, and who continues to believe in animal liberation, and that all animals have a right to be free of the pain and suffering thats so regulary inflicted upon them by humans.

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