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So, I got the new Manics album "Journal for Plague Lovers" in the post today. I got the special 2-disc signed edition. It's fantastic, first disc is the album (obviously), and the second has all the demo versions of the songs. They also come in this awesome little hard back book type thing, which I think is a replica of the lyrics folder that Richey left behind, with lots of pictures, scribblings, and typed copies of the lyrics. I have listened to the album only one as yet, and am liking most of it so far. I will probably listen to it a couple more times tonight, and form a better opinion on the separate songs.

The lyrics are pretty hard to understand on a lot of the songs, so I'm glad to have the lyrics book! Also, Nicky sings the last song on the album "William's Last Words" which is quite a sad and haunting song, in the documentary it was described as being kind of like a suicide note. I also watched the short documentary on Channel 4 about the album, which had the band talking about the album, and the lyrics Richey left behind. I also for the NME which had a special feature on the Manics. It's a good week to be a Manics fan! :D

Also, in other news, which I would have been more much excited about on any other day, if it hadn't been eclipsed by my Manics excitement; I got "Underworld 3: Rise of the Lycans" on DVD in the post today. Something I have been looking forward to for nearly the last 3 years, since it was announced there would be a third Underworld movie. Lucian was always my favourite character from the first Underworld movie, so it's not suprising that this is now my favourite of the 3 movies, since this one is so Lucian-centric, and focuses on his story.

I'm glad tomorrow is Sunday, gives me a whole day to listen to the new Manics album some more, and probably re-watch "Underworld 3" again too :D

Stay Beautiful,

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Forgive me a moment while I flail and squee so very much about the first song to be played off the Manics forthcoming album. The album is called Journal for Plague Lovers and the song that was played on Radio One ealier tonight was Peeled Apples, strange title, but fucking awesome song :D

The Tracklisting for JFPL is:
Peeled Apples
Jackie Collins Existential Question Time
Me and Stephen Hawking
This Joke Sport Severed
Journal For Plague Lovers
She Bathed Herself In A Bath Of Bleach
Facing Page: Top Left
Marlon J.D.
Doors Closing Slowly
All Is Vanity
Virginia State Epileptic Colony
William’s Last Words

And the release date is pegged as 18th May. I am so full of happiness right now :D

Also they are going to be doing a mini-tour in May/June. Now all I need to do is try and get over my agoraphobia enough to go to one of the gigs, because I missed the last tour because of my problems, and I'm NOT going to miss this one too damnit!!!

Also, a picture of the album cover:

Stay Beautiful,


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