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Well, I have to say something about this. I probably would have written something yesterday, since I watched the results live, but I hadn't sleep for over 30 hours (for a completely unrelated matter) and my brain kinda went into sleep mode after the end of the programme.

So, Ed Miliband won, thank goodness! My mum asked me why I cared so much about the leadership results, being a Lib Dem myself, but the fact of the matter is that whoever won the leadship is almost certain to end up as PM sooner or later, and the idea of David Miliband (ie. Blair Junior) as the leader of the country is, quite frankly, a scary thought!

It's strange how you can like one brother so much, as yet dislike another to the same degree. I have always wanted Ed to win this out of the Miliband brothers - let's face it, the other candidates never stood a chance - of course I always assumed it would be David, afterall he is NuLabour's protegee. It was close, 1.3% of the vote close! But Ed got there, much to my (pleasant) surprise.

I guess the one downside to all this is that the Tories, Cameron in particular, must be happy about the results. As much as I like Ed Miliband I have to admit he is less experienced than David. David Miliband would have been a much bigger threat to the Tories come the next election. Ed wants to bring Labour back into the left wing side of things (always a good thing, IMO), whereas David would have kept it more in the centre.

Again, although I am a Lib Dem supporter, and I'm not exactly a big fan of Labour (to say the least, although maybe that will change a bit now with someone I actually like in charge) given a choice between the Tories in power, or Labour, of course I would always rather Labour. So it will be interesting to see how things play out in 2015 now.

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