Feb. 12th, 2011

manicsfan: (QI - Bill Bailey: Huzzah!)
How time flies when you're... well, not really doing anything actually. My New Year resolution this year was to try and sort my life out, especially with regards to my agoraphobia. Well, we're into the second month now and I haven't actually managed to get out of the house once so far this year. Clearly I fail at life! -.-

I really need to take a leaf out of the revolutionists in Egypt's books They certainly know how to get things done, rather than wallowing in defeat. I've been watching the footage of them celebrating Mubarak finally leaving throughout the night. It's both heartwarming and inspirational.

In other brilliant news (well, brilliant for me anyway) it's been announced that Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson will be working together again, for the first time in eight years! This is just epic news for me because I seriously never thought we'd get to see these 2 working again after their apparent falling out.

It's only a small project for a Comic Relief thing, but quite frankly I'm just happy to see anything of one of my favourite comedy duos working together again. Especially since I never thought it would happen again. This news comes from the horse's mouth (by which I mean Adrian's twitter) so it's definitely not fake. He also posted this photo:

Fuck yes! :D

~ Ace.

P.S. Excuse any typos, insomnia has kept me up all night so there's likely to be a couple in there somewhere.

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