Jan. 2nd, 2012

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Heads up that I'll be writing a small bit about the new Sherlock episode near the end of this journal, but I'll avoid mentioning any huge spoilers. It's more of a rant about a little niggle I had with it. However, if you have issues with spoilers of any kind I'd avoid reading this!

So firstly, I hope everyone had a great holiday (if you celebrated any particular holiday, that is) and New Year. I had a small and quiet Christmas with the family, as was planned. Can I just say how awesome my brother is for what he got me for Christmas? I was bummed out a few weeks ago that due to my agoraphobia and depression issues I was unable to make a Manics CD and book signing session in Birmingham. My brother - who as I've mentioned is awesome - apparently went along to the signing session and got both a CD and a book signed for me as a surprise Christmas present! Needless to say that my face was like this ---> :D for the rest of the day... hell, it's still like that now! New Year was a quiet one too. I just stayed in and watched the celebrations on TV. But all in all it was a good couple of weeks.

Onto the new Sherlock episode. I really liked it. I liked the plot, I liked the drama and the humour, I liked the array of characters, and I liked Irene Adler (note here that I have never read the books, so my opinion of her comes solely from the programme, and not to how she compares to original book character). It was good to finally have more BAMF-y and intelligent female characters. My one small - and maybe petty - niggle with Irene's character was her sexuality. Not that she was a dominatrix, but that she was (according to her own words) gay, and yet she flirted with Sherlock. Not even just on a intellectual basis, which I could understand if that was the case, but in a sexual way too. So why couldn't she have identified as bi, rather than gay?

I've seen it said that maybe she calls herself gay because she prefers women to men... but that would still make her bi generally. Gay people are exclusively attracted to same-sex people. I don't see why TV shows are always so reluctant to use that label. Why it always has to be a black and white case of straight or gay. It was the same big issue I had with Willow's character in Buffy. In the early years Willow was clearly both romantically and sexually attracted to both Xander and Oz... and yet she suddenly turned gay in the later episodes when she fell in love with Tara. Again, why did she have to change from one end of the scale to the other? Why couldn't she have just been bisexual?

Sorry, I'm ranting too much about this, but it is really something that irks me. I guess a good reason would be if Irene had never actually felt any attraction to a man before Sherlock, and so she thought was she gay before she met him. It was also interesting that Sherlock was pretty much confirmed as asexual though, albeit without explicitly using the word. With the whole "why eat if you're not hungry?" analogy (what is it with Moffat always using metaphors for sex? Dancing in Doctor Who and now eating?), and confirming that he's never had sex. Although it doesn't much help the asexual awareness if the only asexual characters on TV are generally not normal people.

Anyway, I think I've ranted enough about this. Otherwise I'll have to change my user label to "Grumpy old bi-romantic asexual rants about TV characters' sexuality (or lack thereof in some cases)"!

~ Ace.

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