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Ugh, it's 5:45 on a Sunday morning and I woke up early because of these stupid nightmares I keep having. Therefore, what better thing to do than to type up my review of the 2 Doctor Who episodes of the new series since I missed doing a review last week. So here we go... This'll probably end up making no sense at all because whilst my body is awake I think my brain is still in bed! Plus I was pretty tired watching it yesterday, I really should have watched it again before doing this. Ah well...

This is going to be a very misleading review because whilst I actually loved the episodes, particularly the second one, this review is going to start off with some of the things I am not too thrilled about. I hate to start off a review being all moany, but these things have been building up for the last couple of weeks - and longer actually - and I just need to get them off my chest. Plus it's better to get the miserable stuff out the way first, before the squee!

First point of complaint: I'm getting kinda tired of Moffat's "oh they're dead... wait no they're not really!" type of plot points. I mean this goes right back even to River's first appearances in series 4 where she "died" in the library, but actually continued living in the computer. In series 5 when Rory died I just couldn't take it seriously or be sad about it because I knew he wouldn't stay dead.

And now the Doctor has supposedly been killed without regenerating, and even at the start of the episode yesterday Amy "died" and then River and then Rory, but no, not really. It's just getting old, and I worry that if they actually do kill off a character for real I wont be able to feel sad because I'll be constantly expecting them to not really be dead.

The wobbly-wobbly-timey-wimey stuff it starting to get a bit much too, along with all the plot twists. My Mum said she hasn't liked these episodes too much because she didn't understand what the hell was going on most the time! It took me a while into the second episode before I got most of it. I can't imagine how small children are supposed to keep up with all of this! Plot twists are brilliant, but too many of them and they tend to lose their effect, IMO.

I'm also concerned that the Doctor - a character I have always loved for trying to be pacifistic and do the right thing - is becoming too violent and unforgiving. The previous Doctor was more unforgiving than previous versions, but even he gave hostile aliens one chance to change before taking any action. Even going so far as to risk his own life to give the Sontarans their one chance to leave in "The Sontaran Stratagem." refusing to just kill them outright.

In this one he seemed perfectly happy to stand around with River and gun the Silence down (or screwdriver them down in his case!) and sending out the message to all humans to kill the Silence without giving them any chance to change at all. Even mockingly pretending he was going to give them a chance "what's the point in having 2 hearts if you can't show a little compassion?" and then basically going "yeah, not really *trollface*" before condemning them to death.

I'm wondering, if it was the other way around - and plenty of the classic Doctor Who stories explored the theme of humans arriving on alien planets and enslaving and/or killing the indigenous species there - would the Doctor just kill (or encourage the indigenous population to kill) the human aggressors on sight, especially without even giving the humans an opportunity to stop what they're doing and leave the planet? Somehow I doubt it.

I'm really hoping this isn't going to be a trend with the Doctor, because I'm worried it would make it very hard for me to still like him.

Anyway, enough of the moaning because despite these things I did enjoy the episodes very much. It was exciting, and creepy - the bit with the Silence hanging from the ceiling in cluster creeped me the fuck out! - and full of great character moments.

I am liking River a LOT more than I did in her first appearance back in series 5. It's taken me a while, but I do like her a lot now they have toned down the smug and know-it-all quality she had in series 5, and even somewhat in the angels episodes in series 6. There have been some pretty convincing theories, and evidence, over who River is, and what the child - who can regenerate - has to do with it, but I wont go into those here.

Amy and Rory are both awesome, as usual. I am loving the current Team TARDIS! So yeah, apart from my complaints overall I liked these episodes a lot. I'd better leave this review here otherwise I could ramble on for pages! Looking forward to next weeks episode a lot. :D

~ Ace.
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