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Well, I was feeling a little down today because my agoraphobia has been too bad recently for me to make an event I was really hoping to go to. So I've been waiting for Doctor Who to cheer me and, and boy did that ever work! Neil Gaiman is a legend!

Yeah, as you can probably guess by the title I really loved this week's Doctor Who. Easily my favourite of the year so far, and one I will be watching again ASAP. I may be a bit biased because I generally love anything about other Time Lords, Gallifrey, or the TARDIS, and this episode had a fair bit of that.

Things that I loved:

OOD! Only one green-eyed Ood, but an Ood nonetheless.

The TARDIS/Idris was a brilliant character! "I like biting, it's like kissing only with a winner." "You stole me, and I stole you." The interactions she had with Doctor ranged wonderfully from being so funny, to very moving, to just sad. The ending was all rather lip-wibble worthy! I think I may ship it now... if you'll excuse the ship pun!

Sexy - "That's your name?!" LOL!

I noticed that a Time Lord being able to regenerate into the opposite sex was mentioned in this episode. Ending much speculation about whether it was canonically possible for Time Lords to do that, and leaving it open to have a female Doctor in the future.

All those dead TARDISes and Time Lords :(

We got to see other parts of the TARDIS! :D Well, alright, only corridors really, but still, parts other than the console room. Also seeing Amy and Rory standing in the old TARDIS console room, my Doctor's console room made me very happy... it also made me want an episode with Ten, Eleven, Amy and Rory together!

The Doctor telling the TARDIS/Idris to give the instructions to "the pretty one" by which he means Amy and she thinks is Rory, and the Doctor's reaction when he sees she thought he meant Rory. Prettiness is apparently in the eyes of the beholder. Hey, I think they're both very pretty!

Michael Sheen apparently did the voice of House, which I didn't notice (possibly because I can only ever hear Michael Sheen sounding like Tony Blair in my head, which is worrying!) and now I want to watch the episode again to hear House and know it's Michael Sheen (any excuse for a re-watch).

"The only water in the forest is the river." Or should that be River? The obvious speculation is that river means River Song, and of course River first met the Doctor (or his first meeting of her anyway) in the library that was made from the forests that the Vashta Nerada lived in.

Amy and Rory both have the surname Pond, which could also fit into the water thing.

Bunkbeds = WIN! :D

The only 2 minor moans I would have is:

The Doctor still being a bit too casual about death for my liking, especially when it comes to non-human lifeforms "Oops, another Ood I failed to save." I know he's seen a lot of death, but I'd hate to think he's become so cold about it. He showed more concern over the deaths of the more humanoid characters Aunty and Uncle. There's even an analogy in this episode when Rory talks about how death still affects him even though he's seen plenty of it as a nurse.

Killing Rory... AGAIN! D: He seems to die - or should I say "die" - in every episode right now. So much so that other people have asked Moffat on Twitter to stop killing him. Moffat's reply... "No!" Oh, Moffat! XD

Ok, rambling again now, will stop. *Hugs this episode for cheering me up so much*

~ Ace.
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