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Birthdate:Jun 28, 1984
Location:Worcestershire, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Website:My LiveJournal.

*Just to get the srs bsns stuff out the way first before all the rabid fangirling...*

I'm a big believer of animal rights and liberation and environmentalism. I have been vegan since 2001 (and was a lacto-ovo vegetarian for 2 years prior to that). As well as animal rights and liberation I'm very into LGBTQ rights and am queer myself. I tend to be pretty shy and quiet, due to social anxiety issues and various social phobias, and as such I mostly lurk in a lot of places. I do try to be friendly, and do like to make new friends. If I come across as awkward and quiet it's generally because of my shyness, it's nothing against you!

Vegan Action animated banner

I am also very interested in politics and am a member and supporter of the (UK) Liberal Democrats. I'm liberal and left-wing and tend to have rather complex mixed feelings of the UK Lib-Con coalition (it's a view which tends to change dramatically from one way to t'other and back again on a near daily basis - hell, sometimes more often than that!).

Liberal Democrats lovebar was made by [profile] shanima

However, I don't discuss politics or animal rights stuff with people who aren't interested in it! I'm happy to talk and even debate politics with those who are, but I'm not going to go off on a political rant to you if you're not, and I don't post about politics in my journals. So don't worry about that! XD

Join LGBT Lib Dems


...Right! Srs bsns over! Let the rabid fangirling commence!

I am a big Doctor Who fan, both classic and new, and use LJ a lot for that. Ten is my Doctor. He is the first I saw as the Doctor (owing to me being too young to have watched Classic Who back in the day, and missing the first series of the NuWho when it was shown on TV). He is easily my favourite, and always will be. He's what started my obsession love of Doctor Who, and consequentially led me to check out the Classic Who stuff, which I also love now.


"Ten" and "Ten in Specs" lovebars are made by [profile] anagraphic


I have seen pretty much all of the available Classic Who episodes now. The only exceptions being the lost episodes which it seems I will sadly never get to see (not unless anyone has a real TARDIS to take me back in time to before they were wiped!) I've also heard most of the Big Finish Doctor Who - and spinoff - audios.
Why yes, I am a geek. Thanks for noticing!


"The Doctor" and "The Master" lovebars are made by [profile] anagraphic

Hmm... "The Doctor is Love" lovebar is out of date now. Let's just pretend Matt Smith is in it too!


I'm also a big Manics fan (Manic Street Preachers), obviously, and like other rock music. I like drawing, and nature, wolves and werewolves. I draw mostly animal art, or anthro/were art. I am a total horror film addict, and love comedy series and films too. Rik Mayall (who I've met *flail*) and Adrian Edmondson are awesome! My other favourite comedy duo is Simon Pegg and Nick Frost (especially when working with Edgar Wright). I'm a big fan of Charlie Brooker and David Mitchell too. There are numerous other comedy actors and stand up comedians that I admire. I love Britcoms (both old and new), panel shows, stand up, satirical shows, comedy radio shows, and other comedies too.


Hot Fuzz: So good it's off the fuckin' chain!


Both of the above Hot Fuzz graphics are made by [profile] raya_of_saturn

I'm in a lot of fandoms, but tend to lurk for the most part. I read lots of fanfiction, which is mostly what I use LJ for (well, that and the aforementioned Doctor Who fangirling). I like both slash and femslash fanfiction, although I do tend to read more m/m stuff because there's more of it than f/f in most fandoms. I do read the occasional het fic but I don't generally ship any het pairings (not because I'm all "ewww het!" about it, it just doesn't generally interest me as much as same-sex pairings, so very few het fics appeal to me enough for me to attach myself consistently to het ships). I don't write fanfic myself because, frankly, I suck at writing and I don't want to be responsible for posting badfic all over the place! XD

(Fem)Slash Addict colourbar icons are of: Moss/Roy (The IT Crowd), Willow/Tara (Buffy), Boyce/Dr. Statham (Green Wing), Jeremy/Mark (Peep Show), Simon Pegg/Nick Frost (themselves), Vince/Howard (The Mighty Boosh),
Sue/Caroline (Green Wing again), Ianto/Jack (Torchwood), and Rimmer/Lister (Red Dwarf). These are all canon kisses, not shopped pictures (admittedly a lot of them are gratuitous fanservice though).

I like most kinds of fanfic from gen, to the mild fluffy stuff, to angsty, to darker fics, or PWPs. I am happy to give almost any (fem)slash fic a go if it's well written and kept relatively in character, with the possible exception of fics that have a non-canon character death in it of a character I really like (although there have been a few exceptions.) Oh and never mpreg (no exceptions - major squick!) or any pregnancy in general for that matter because I don't generally like pregnancy, babies or very young children in prominent roles in fics.


"Ten/Master" colourbar was made by [personal profile] rosengirl

My shipping list is getting ridiculously long by now! I pretty much ship the Doctor/Master in any/all of their incarnations, even the technically non-canon ones (Shalka) and disputable canon/fanon ones (War Chief!Master, anyone?) They are the OTP of my favourite fandom. The best thing about Doctor/Master, of course, is you can mix and match them in fanfics: Eight/Crispy!Master... OK, so some mixes may not work as well as others. Don't even get me started on goosnake!Master!

My current favourite and most read (or sought after) pairings/fandoms are:

Doctor Who: Doctor/Master (any of their incarnations).
Doctor Who Shalka!verse: REG!Doctor/Android!Master.
Torchwood: Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones.
Life on Mars (UK): Sam Tyler/Gene Hunt.
Hot Fuzz: Nicholas Angel/Danny Butterman.
Hot Fuzz: Andy Wainwright/Andy Cartwright.
The Thick of It: Malcolm Tucker/Jamie MacDonald.
Hetalia: US/UK (America/England).
Hetalia: Germany/(North) Italy.
Hetalia: Poland/Lithuania.
Hetalia: France/England.
Cabin Pressure: Douglas Richardson/Martin Crieff.
Sherlock (BBC): Sherlock Holmes/John Watson/Mycroft Holmes/Greg Lestrade.
(^ any combination of these four characters ^)
Hannibal Hannibal Lecter/Will Graham.
Ace Attorney (Gyakuten Saiban): Phoenix Wright (Naruhodō Ryuichi)/Miles Edgeworth (Mitsurugi Reiji).


Life on Mars banner was made by [profile] radiogaga80

...And it goes on, my shipping and fandom list is getting ridiculously long now!:

Fake News: Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert (real or character version).
RPF: Charlie Brooker/David Mitchell.
Peep Show: Mark Corrigan/Jeremy Usborne.
Being Human (UK): John Mitchell/George Sands.
Merlin: Arthur Pendragon/Merlin.
Merlin: Morgana Pendragon/Guinevere.
Black Books: Manny Bianco/Bernard Black.
QI: Stephen Fry/Alan Davies.
Scrubs: Dr. Perry Cox/ Dr. John Dorian.
Scrubs: Jordan Sullivan/Elliot Reid.
Whose Line is it Anyway?: Ryan Stiles/Colin Mochrie.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Xander Harris/Spike/Angel(us) (any combination).
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Tara Maclay/Willow Rosenberg.
The Mighty Boosh: Vince Noir/Howard Moon.
Red Dwarf: Dave Lister/Arnold Rimmer (*not* Ace Rimmer!).
Bandom (Gorillaz): Murdoch Niccals/Stuart "2D" Pott.

...And a few other miscellaneous pairings from those, and other, various fandoms. I often look for fanfics from a whole range of things; from TV programmes, comedy, films, animated stuff, books, RPF, manga, radio programmes, games, and so on. Both large fandoms and very small, or even (sadly) non-existent fandoms, and ship a wide variety of pairings (I'm not an absolute OTPer sort of fangirl).


"Janto" lovebar was made by [profile] anagraphic

Interests (120):

adrian edmondson, angel/danny, angelus/spike, animal liberation, animal liberation front, animal rights, animals, anne rice, anthro art, asexuality, bernard/manny, bisexuality, britcoms, british politics, charlie brooker, comedians, comedies, comics, david mitchell, david tennant, democracy, derren brown, doctor who, doctor/jack, doctor/master, drawing, earth liberation front, edgar wright, environmentalism, equal rights, equality, europe, european politics, fanfiction, femslash, five/master, furry art, gary francione, gay, gay rights, gender equality, hannibal, hannibal/will, homosexuality, horror movies, hot fuzz, human rights, invader zim, jack/ianto, james dean bradfield, jd/cox, jhonen vasquez, left wing, lesbian, lgbt rights, lib dems, libdems, liberal democrats, life on mars, lolitics, manic street preachers, martin freeman, miles edgeworth, muse, nature, nick clegg, nick frost, nicky wire, nine/jack, otherkin, paddy ashdown, pansexuality, paranormal stuff, phoenix wright, political rpf, politics, proportional representation, queer, queer rights, reading, richey edwards, rick/vyvyan, rik mayall, robert webb, rock music, roman dirge, rose/martha, sam/gene, sean moore, sexuality, shac, shaun of the dead, sherlock, simon pegg, sitcoms, slash, slash fiction, spike/angel, stephen fry, ten/jack, ten/master, the supernatural, therianthropes, therianthropy, theta/koschei, torchwood, transexuals, transgender, transvestites, uk politics, vampire chronicles, vampires, veganism, wales, werecreatures, werewolves, wicca, willow/tara, wolves, xander/spike
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