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So, it seems that our cat Pongo wasn't as well as we'd believed. After getting the all clear from the vet about his bladder and coming home last Sunday he stopped eating. At first he was eating a bit, then less and less, and what he was eating he started throwing back up, and then the last couple of days he's barely eaten at all, and is so lethargic. So we took him back to the vet and they took some blood to do some blood tests. They did the blood tests yesterday, and today we were told that it's likely he wasn't hit by a car but that he actually has kidney failure. Or if he was hit by a car it did more damage to his kidneys than his bladder.

Anyway, he went back to the vet again today, they've kept him in, put him on a drip, and will be flushing out his kidneys tonight. They're not sure how serious it is, especially since he's deteriorated pretty quickly. The best case scenario is that he can come back from how bad he is now, be put on medication and have special food for the rest of his life. The worst case scenario doesn't bear thinking about right now, although it's something I may have to face tomorrow after the vets phone up with the prognosis. :/

Life apparently has this way of making you think everything's going to be OK and then screws you over!

~ Ace.
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