Jun. 29th, 2011

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So, 'twas my birthday yesterday, one year older, but no more mature... as I settled to down to watch The Life of Brian and some of my favourite Doctor Who episodes with my Indian takeaway and vegan birthday cake! XD I was hoping to go to Cardiff to see the Doctor Who exhibit (and just because I like Cardiff) but my agoraphobia was being pissy again so I had to put that off.

My Aunt and Uncle got me a book: The Complete Animal Encyclopaedia which is great. My Mum got me "Ed: The Milibands and the Making of a Labour Leader" by Mehdi Hasan and James Macintyre. Ok, I told myself I wasn't going to get that, and my political curiosity wasn't going to win out... so much for that resolve, dammit! It doesn't count if it's a birthday present, right? My Dad has assured me he'll post a card tomorrow. He never forgets, but is always terrible at being organised at stuff like this!

I got money from my Brother, other Aunt and as an extra from Mum, which is helpful because my keyboard is pretty much knackered (why is it when things go wrong with computers, they nearly always go wrong at the same time?!), so I'll be using some of that to buy a new keyboard. Fortunately keyboards aren't as costly as monitors. This one is still partly usable for now, just that certain keys don't register unless you really whack them (Spacebar, O, L, R, and backspace mostly, but a few others too) so when I'm typing quickly these things don't register, and I end up with one loooooong sentence, with no spaces in it, and several letters missing from each word! XD

The last bit of money went towards renewing my Lib Dem membership, which was due for renewal tomorrow, so I figured I might as well do it while I had some spare money. So it was a good birthday! :)

~ Ace.

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